bekoloAfrican cinema needs to define a project for itself.

We cannot abandon the whole african cinematography wandering between an desire for western acknowledgement, a desire of popular interest around the lowest common denominator and capitalism.
African cinema has many challenges to take up.
The first one is the universal, a universal that gives a direction to history in world where everybody represents Africa for himself , it is an imperative that Africa performs the act of repossession of the world.
African cinema has to suggest not just to africans nor only to humanity a civilisation project but also to animals, to plants and to the entire earth. It has to avoid the trap of autarchy and remain in connection with the “other”, a fruitful and mutual beneficial connection while walking towards autonomy without ignoring asymmetrical forces in our disfavour.
Another challenge of African cinema is is the one of the rebuilding our psychic infrastructures following the colonial history trauma made of denial, violence and shame. African cinema should be a cinema of resilience, a cinema that heals us. It should question our behaviour and deal with questions raised at the psychological level and at the level of our actions.
Finally, African cinema has a technological challenge that starts with our capacity to produce, maintain and make available the Africa visual memory as time is unfolding.
To take up all these challenges, african cinema should produce a language, a semantic and a semiology that offers to the world its life force. A cinematographic language that allows the continent to reinvent itself by staying away from the self-flagellation lexicon presenting us clique people with handicap who are missing nothing, people who have to catch up because they are behind…
African cinema in all lucidity and maturity and self-estime should find a way to tell our presence in this world without being reduced in problematics related to poverty. African cinema should be that companion of the continent movement, a continent busy “working”, an Africa that is screaming because it is giving birth.


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